Despite billions of dollars spent annually on cybersecurity technologies, the internal and external threats to your data continue to grow exponentially. The attackers are outpacing and penetrating today’s legacy cybersecurity systems. The fact is, too many organizations know too little, too late about the cyber threats within their network.

Fortunately, this fact can change with Red Lambda’s flagship cybersecurity solution, MetaGrid.

MetaGrid enables organizations to rapidly identify, visualize, investigate, and understand threat behaviors of both known and unknown, zero-day attacks, within their network. MetaGrid also prioritizes threat behaviors enabling SOC operators to eliminate “information overload” and focus their activities on threat behaviors with the highest security risks. And, with threats identified and prioritized, MetaGrid supports rapid threat investigation and operator understanding of cyberthreat activities.

Put simply, MetaGrid makes the job of finding, prioritizing, and investigating threats easier, faster and more effective. With MetaGrid, knowing too little, too late, is a thing of the past.

Metagrid Overview
What’s Different?
Where It Fits


MetaGrid uses patented technologies that fuse distributed grid computing, relational stream processing, machine learning, behavioral analytics, and interactive data visualizations to rapidly ingest, correlate, cluster, and analyze large amounts of system and network operational data. It then identifies and prioritizes likely threat behaviors and presents this information using interactive data visualizations that facilitate rapid investigation and comprehensive understanding of threat activities throughout the entire cyber kill chain.

With that understanding, security operations teams can quickly assess and understand the extent, impact, and root cause of cyber incidents within their network. Where threat hunting used to take days, weeks, or more, MetaGrid can reduce the process to minutes - enabling timely threat mitigation actions.


Red Lambda provides cybersecurity software that enables private sector and government organizations to rapidly identify, visualize, investigate, and understand threat behaviors of both known and unknown, zero-day attacks within their network environments.

Using Red Lambda’s cybersecurity software organizations can:
  • Rapidly identify anomalous threat behaviors within their network
  • Thoroughly investigate and understand the extent, impact, and root cause of cyber incidents
  • Reduce the time between detection and root cause determination
  • Increase the effectiveness of SOC team threat hunting activities
  • Maintain cyber detection and investigation capabilities in rapidly changing and dynamic network environments
At Red Lambda, we bring a relentless passion to turning the tables on attackers—whether they are rogue criminals, disgruntled insiders, or nation state actors. With so much at stake—our privacy, our prosperity, our safety, even our freedoms—Red Lambda believes it’s about time the good guys start winning.

Now they can with MetaGrid.


The world has unleashed a flood of information and nefarious players want access to that data. Whether for profit, to undermine national or international security, or to obtain intellectual assets, every type of organization and government around the world recognizes that the threat of a cyber attack is real…and inevitable. With wide-sweeping implications on global financial markets, geo-politics, as well as the risks posed to critical infrastructure, cybersecurity is one of the most mission-critical issues of our day. MetaGrid addresses these needs for organizations of all sizes, across all industries and government entities.


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