Leading the Big Data Security and Analytics Revolution

Red Lambda is a pioneering technology company that has developed a revolutionary solution for Big Data environments. In an industry yearning for innovation to combat multiplying network security threats, Red Lambda has introduced new ways to solve an old problem. Challenging the status quo, Red Lambda has torn through unchartered territory, creating what one Fortune 500 CTO refers to as ”nothing short of revolutionary technology…game-changing software.”

Combining the computing power of our grid-based processing, relational streaming storage and artificial intelligence, Red Lambda delivers the power to capture, analyze, and understand large amounts of data within the world’s largest private and public sector organizations.

The result is a platform-based suite of software solutions with unprecedented capabilities that today’s CIOs, CISOs and other executives have been told time and time again were impossible…until now.

Armed with new levels of power and control over their security challenges, organizations can also leverage Red Lambda’s analytics and business intelligence capabilities to unlock the full potential of their data to identify new business opportunities, enhance service delivery and improve operational efficiency.

The information security solutions necessary to combat today’s—and tomorrow’s—unknown, unconventional threats demand dramatic change. Red Lambda has delivered. We are positioned on the frontlines of your Big Data security analytics challenges so your organization can gain the upper hand.