As a leader in the big data security and analytics space, Red Lambda is dedicated to providing its perspectives on issues that affect IT executives at businesses and government agencies as they work to protect their information assets and derive operational value from their data. The following white papers are available for download:

A Better Defense for Today’s Unconventional Cyber Threats

Unconventional Threat DefenseThis document provides an analysis of why conventional security initiatives can no longer protect against unconventional threats, and how our technology can shift the balance of power to support the U.S. Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI). Read full white paper

Network Security: It’s Time to Think Outside the Perimeter

Think Outside the PerimeterThe perimeter based “moat” solution is no longer sufficient against today’s sophisticated attacks. This analysis reviews the reasons behind the technological limitations of legacy system, while presenting a picture of alternatives and what lies ahead.  Read full white paper

Why Big Data IT Environments Need a New Kind of Speed

New Kind of SpeedWe’ve heard that speed is everything in a Big Data environment. This document presents an analysis of why the right kind of speed is essential in tackling the analytics challenge and moving away from “speeds and feeds” to a model that will transform the IT security industry.  Read full white paper

Symmetrical Threat Defense

Symmetrical Threat DefenseFor the U.S. government and other entitites considered to be critical infrastructure and key resources (CIKR), the constant barrage of threats and cyberattacks are increasing in volume, variety and velocity and virulence. This paper provides an analysis of why conventional point solutions fall far short and why new technology must be deployed to shift the balance of power in our favor. Read full white paper

Charting a New Course

Charting a New CourseFinancial institutions are highly coveted targets for cybercriminals. Despite increased security spending, financial institutions are as still vulnerable to today’s foes. This paper provides insight into key issues within the financial industry and outlines new tactics in the cyberwar designed to protect the nation’s mission-critical financial data.  Read full white paper