Immediate Detection Means Immediate Protection

Despite billions of dollars spent annually on SIEM, intrusion protection, firewalls and other security technologies, internal and external threats to your data are growing exponentially. The volume, velocity, variety and veracity of information that private and public sector organizations deal with daily has increased dramatically.  As a result, the attacks are outpacing—and outsmarting—today’s existing legacy systems.

But the tide has changed. Red Lambda delivers a breakthrough, enterprise-scale Big Data solution to solve today’s IT security challenges—MetaGrid.

MetaGrid is designed to detect anomalies hitting your network faster than any other solution on the market today—including the “unknown unknowns.”  And immediate detection means your organization can shut down the threat before damage is done.

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About MetaGrid

MetaGrid’s Next Generation Technology

How MetaGrid Works

MetaGrid will help you:

  • Protect trade secrets and intellectual property
  • Preserve your business' reputation
  • Protect your clients' personal and private information
  • Protect critical infrastructure
  • Preserve professional reputations
  • Protect lives on the battlefield
  • Protect national security