Red Lambda—Harnessing the Power of Big Data

Despite the billions of dollars invested annually in security technologies, the sophistication of cyber criminals continues to outpace defenses. Organizations are concerned about the ability of their disparate point solutions to thwart attacks and protect their information assets, much less spend time focusing on how to derive value from their data.

Network and data security has just changed…Drastically…

Red Lambda’s MetaGrid Big Data Security & Analytics Suite combines distributed grid computing, relational streaming storage and artificial intelligence into one system. Acting “in-stream,” the system extracts intelligence from structured and unstructured data, finding anomalies, patterns and categories of information—even detecting the “unknown unknowns.”

Red Lambda’s MetaGrid Big Data Security & Analytics Suite breaks through the barriers and limitations of outdated legacy technology to solve today’s most pressing security and analytics challenges, even for the most complex IT environments. The days of endless hardware cycle upgrades and a patchwork of non-integrated point solutions are over. Our technology refocuses security practices from current forensic approaches to comprehensive real-time intelligence.