MetaGrid™ Anomaly Detection—Insight into Everything

Finding the most unusual events, patterns and timelines is critical to simplifying security.In cases where the attacker is very sophisticated, only subtle traces of the breach may be visible. It is not just about watching the networklayer traffic detail anymore.

MetaGrid™ Anomaly Detection provides organizations insight into their entire environment, discovering unusual patterns, events, rates and timelines that in isolation would be lost in an archived log file. MetaGrid™ Anomaly Detection isolates and highlights anomalies in any system on the network, creating a Zero Event security posture to identify threats as they evolve.

MetaGrid™ Anomaly Detection Benefits:

  • Set the bar at a Zero Event—not Zero Day—security posture
  • Understand and visualize unusual events on any system, in any data
  • Categorize and rank anomalies based on the relationship between all activities in your environment as they happen
  • Eliminate limitations by applying timescales and detection parameters that make sense for your environment
  • Discover anomalies without the fear of training unusual behavior into the system resulting in missing strange events more frequently over time