MetaGrid™ Autonomics

AutonomicsAutomating responses to threats, breaches and malware infections is critical to manage a complex, distributed IT environment. MetaGrid™ Autonomics leverages its intelligence to immediately respond to events that threaten the security of data, systems, or infrastructure. MetaGrid™ Autonomics provides a scalable policy engine to push mitigation methods throughout the environment. Most importantly, MetaGrid™ Autonomics can do this at a scale that until now, has been unprecedented.


MetaGrid™ Autonomics Benefits:

  • Take immediate action to limit damage to the IT environment due to a threat, failure or breach
  • Leverage the advantage of real-time security intelligence to minimize potential losses from a security breach
  • Offload repetitive operations that require expert time and resources
  • Eliminate downtime due to manual process of assessing risk, threats and events
  • Create complex response plans across the entire infrastructure, including human checkpoints