MetaGrid™ Correlation for Actionable Intelligence

CorrelationNothing in the real world happens in a vacuum. In order to reflect the interrelated nature of the real world, data must be processed together from multiple sources to yield critical intelligence. Correlation is the process of discovering deep relationships across different sources of data. Legacy approaches correlate information using manual rules over structured data.

MetaGrid™ Correlation discovers relationships in data of any type, structured or unstructured. The Neural Foam Artificial Intelligence engine automatically correlates data from any number of concurrent sources simultaneously, without a single rule so you can understand the meaningful relationships and interactions in your data.

MetaGrid™ Correlation Benefits:

  • Correlate any number of concurrent event streams without manual rules
  • Gain context-specific insights across datasets from any system
  • Discover the real-world interactions of systems across the organization
  • Improve visibility into complex systems within the IT environment via hierarchical correlation
  • Seamlessly integrate real-world context streams with organizational data streams