MetaGrid™ Intelligence

MetaGrid™ Intelligence gathers external data feeds from 3rd parties, as well as MetaGrid™ data streams and presents these additional sources in context with local data being processed within MetaGrid™. These additional data feeds and overlays provide additional context to information being processed by MetaGrid™. Overlaying geographic information with network data supports visualizations that make sense to operators solving critical security challenges.

MetaGrid IntelligenceMetaGrid™ Intelligence can combine feeds available today with your data, placing correlated intelligence directly in the hands of your operations team.  Combining rich analytics and classification to compress data simplifies the operational problem of consuming today’s information from the network and network systems. MetaGrid™ Intelligence then overlays a number of contexts to improve the resolution and orientation of all data in the Grid. This creates workflows for operations teams that reduce response time, strengthen the ability to take mitigating actions and speed resolutions to problems from advanced persistent threats.