MetaGrid™ — Unparalleled Speed and Scale

The Grid

Red Lambda’s MetaGrid™ platform is a massively scalable computing engine which combines grid computing, relational streaming storage and our patent-pending artificial intelligence called Neural Foam™.  MetaGrid simplifies the challenge of integrating massive data sets into today’s business processes by moving analytics to the source, eliminating the need to centralize data for analysis for true stream-time intelligence.

Specifically developed to overcome the barriers of speed, storage and parallel analytics, MetaGrid’s self-organizing, self-healing and self-optimizing capabilities deliver unparalleled reliability and an undeniable competitive advantage to the world’s busiest networks.


MetaGrid Platform

MetaGrid Benefits:

  • Powerful—Unify computing resources into a virtual supercomputer
  • Elastic—Computing power is dynamically allocated where it is needed most
  • Survivable— Withstand loss of up to 30% of nodes without significant degradation
  • Collaborative— Federate MetaGrid to unify situational awareness and share real-time intelligence across your organization