MetaGrid™ Neural Foam—Visualize Your Data

MetaGrid - Neural FoamMetaGrid™ Neural Foam leverages key breakthroughs in information science.  Applying these capabilities to massive data sets, Neural Foam arranges events into clusters of data that all share common patterns. Each cluster is a compressed representation that significantly reduces the work required to explore the data. Simultaneously, Neural Foam classifies events based on prior learning and discovers anomalies. It then visualizes the results, presenting the most unusual events within their operational context.  Real-time security intelligence for advanced persistent threats or well-known existing threats is critical for securing the integrity of a company’s information.

MetaGrid Neural Foam Breakthroughs:

  • No signatures, no rules required
  • Unparalleled speed
  • Visualizes clusters of information, simplifying massive data sets
  • Processes any type of data—structured, semi-structured or unstructured