MetaGrid™ Unify API—Unite Your Disparate Solutions

Red Lambda’s “transitional co-existence” approach delivers a powerful API that enables your organization to plug its existing systems into our MetaGrid™ Platform so you can gain control over your disparate solutions. By helping you extend the life of your current investments, the MetaGrid™ Unify API provides a sound transition strategy that enables you to leverage our full suite of advanced analytics, business intelligence and operational solutions and integrate them with your existing solutions.

MetaGrid™ Unify API provides two integration points: one orchestration point for control through the MetaGrid™ Web API and a 3rd party services API through the MetaGrid™ Services API.

The MetaGrid™ Web API allows the user to manage the Metagrid Platform and visualize information, while providing real-time insight into grid load and concurrent jobs.

The MetaGrid™ Services API provides the ability to integrate your existing applications into MetaGrid™ as services, increasing the value of commercial offerings. MetaGrid™ provides extended search capabilities that expand multi-lingual search for natural language support. Additionally, you can access analytics through MetaGrid™ Correlation and MetaGrid™ Analytics to gain real-time intelligence over critical business processes, as well as implement automated policy enforcement through MetaGrid™ Autonomics. MetaGrid™ API enables your organization to make its existing applications “Powered by MetaGrid™.”