Real World Solutions for Big Data Challenges

Data creation in enterprises is growing at unprecedented rates. Many global organizations are generating petabytes per day and studies forecast that data creation and storage will grow to an astounding 35 zettabytes—a trillion gigabytes—by the end of this decade. Legacy systems simply cannot handle the volume, velocity or variety required to deal with this looming reality.

Red Lambda is ready to take on the challenge.

Red Lambda’s Big Data Security & Analytics Solutions Suite overcomes today’s restrictive and outdated technologies to deliver a suite of transformational, real world solutions that give businesses what they need in order to function in today’s—and tomorrow’s—Big Data environments.

Whether you are a financial institution, government entity, web property, or other organization grappling with unification of your IT infrastructure and the challenges from the onslaught of Big Data, MetaGrid is the solution.

Learn how our technology is being applied in real-world scenarios and how these businesses are winning the security battle, overcoming formerly perplexing technology challenges and garnering business value from their most valuable asset—their data.