Use Case: Big Data Analytics—Unlocking Data Intelligence

Securing and obtaining value from data in big data environments is a vital need and an unfortunate obstacle. Current solutions are not mature or advanced enough to deliver critical flexibility needed in one seamless design. Now, Red Lambda’s MetaGrid brings you true, real-time analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and early threat management for massive data volumes across disparate systems. As a breakthrough big data analytics solution, MetaGrid transforms such obstacles into a tremendous advantage, providing full scalability, real-time insight, and correlation.


A global critical IT infrastructure company, processing nearly a hundred billion transactions per day had syslog, traffic and security infrastructure information from over 30,000 devices they needed to analyze. The content included 17 different vendor products, representing nearly a hundred logging formats. The company’s current tools lacked the capability to receive that data without substantially modifying the logging and had no ability to spot anomalies in that data that were not known in advance. Furthermore, correlation of that data required the creation of manual rules defining every correlation. The company needed domain experts, not data scientists, to perform analysis of this data directly.

Solutions Deployed:

  • MetaGrid™
  • Neural Foam Analytics
  • MetaGrid Data correlation


Following deployment, the company:

  • Eliminated the need to reformat logging, by seamlessly processing all unstructured data at once
  • Simplified the data using Neural Foam, reducing the volume by many orders of magnitude
  • Performed real-time correlation on data at over a million EPS, without any manual correlation rules
  • Delivered insight into service problems, emerging threats and anomalies