Use Case: Security Intelligence—Complete Situational Awareness

Situational awareness gives live insight into an organization’s operation, providing the foresight to prevent breaches and optimize risk management. MetaGrid’s powerful real-time analytics classify structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data based on relationships, regardless of data volume, variety, and velocity. This dynamic approach is crucial to understanding and protecting your business environment.


A global critical IT infrastructure company, processing nearly a hundred billion transactions per day was using SIEM solutions as a security intelligence tool to analyze firewall feeds and gain insight into activities in an environment with millions of events per second from over 30,000 devices. Setting complex rules was overwhelming and results were not received in real-time. Additionally, the company had to appoint 20+ people to perform blind searches looking for spam.

Solutions Deployed

  • MetaGrid ™
  • MetaGrid Neural Foam™
  • MetaGrid Correlation


After deployment, the company:

  • Decreased employees searching for spam from 20+ to less than 5 by using Neural Foam to cluster similar events in real-time
  • Automated anomaly detection for firewall feeds without creating a single rule
  • Identified unknown threats with visualization and prevented them using automation
  • Maximized business and strategic success by identifying and classifying usage patterns