Simplification and Unification…Turning the CIOs Vision to Reality

For most global organizations, the complexity of managing their Big Data IT ecosystem is growing by the day. Ask any CIO or CISO and they will tell you that their operational, security and business support systems are growing increasingly impossible to manage.

With multi-vendor deployments, a never-ending line up of point solutions that require constant upgrades, custom middleware to contend with, IT consultants to manage, unreliable interfaces, disparate data that resides in different databases, and operational silos with redundant data, today’s CIOs require near super-human skills to manage and protect their network. Toss in the task of trying to secure the data against vicious cyber attacks and it’s not hard to figure out what keeps CIOs, CISOs, CSOs and CTOs awake at night.

IT professionals in industry-leading organizations know exactly what they need to fix their broken IT environments—simplification and unification.  They want to eliminate redundant systems…unify disparate data across all IT infrastructure disciplines into one single, common data repository…put an end to the countless hardware upgrades…protect their data assets from the “unknown unknowns”. They know they can no long rely on the reactive forensic type approach of today’s antiquated technology.

A lot to ask? Until Red Lambda, the answer was emphatically ‘yes.’  The technology didn’t exist.  But that’s not true anymore.  What was once assumed technologically impossible, Red Lambda just made a reality.

Red Lambda has the perfect confluence of Big Data technologies that give CIOs and other executives what they need to thrive in an environment of increasing data variety, velocity and volume.  Red Lambda offers one unified, seamlessly integrated platform and a suite of bold solutions unlike anything in the industry today.

Find out what makes Red Lambda unique: