Simplify, Secure and Unify Your IT Ecosystem

Ask any CIO in a global organization and they will tell you they are struggling every day to manage an increasingly complex IT infrastructure—multi-vendor deployments, hundreds of appliances that require constant upgrades, middleware solutions, unreliable interfaces, disparate data residing on different systems and much more. The current appliance-based approach where systems and applications are cobbled together is not sustainable, nor does it enhance their security posture or enable them to easily extract value from their data. They have endured this model for lack of a better alternative.  They want one, unified, solution for managing their entire IT ecosystem.

Finally, there is an alternative.

Through the combination of Red Lambda’s software-based grid platform, MetaGrid™, and the array of applications that are seamlessly integrated with the grid, we are able to unify operational silos, achieve situational awareness, enable you to visualize and analyze security and operational anomalies, and automate your responses. With security under control, Red Lambda’s suite of solutions will also help your organization capitalize on its data to increase efficiency and unlock business potential.

To help you transition to a better operating model, our “transitional co-existence” approach delivers an API that enables your organization to plug your existing systems into our massively scalable MetaGrid platform so you can gain control over your disparate solutions. This helps extend the life of your current investment, while developing a sound transition strategy toward Red Lambda’s suite of advanced analytics, business intelligence and operational solutions that will carry you well into the future.