Built for Speed and Scale

Today’s IT environments are supporting more traffic from more sources and generating dramatically more network and security data than ever before.

MetaGrid™, our software-based supercomputing platform, delivers speed and scale at levels never before possible. Combining distributed computing, parallel streaming relational storage, search and machine learning, the system fuses Big Data technologies into one cohesive platform to deliver unparalleled intelligence and automation capabilities, as well as new levels of usability.

Until MetaGrid, processing data involved centralizing data in a single location or funneling it through a single master system. These appliance and cluster-based approaches are no longer viable due to the exponentially increasing data volumes and the inherent delays they create. These legacy solutions have also become expensive and difficult to manage, update and scale.

MetaGrid can be deployed in a distributed architecture on inexpensive, off-the-shelf servers and operating systems that are already widely used throughout your organization. Working together as one, the power of the grid becomes evident:

  • Easy to scale—When you need capacity, just add a server. It joins the grid, establishes secure communications and begins picking up work from other nodes.
  • Geographically-distributed processing—Instead of forcing you to use a cluster of identical machines in one data center, MetaGrid lets you to spread those systems out geographically, placing the analytics optimally close to the data source, eliminating backhaul overhead.
  • Delivers real-time intelligence—Because we move the processing to the data, MetaGrid eliminates the need to backhaul it, delivering true real-time insight into your data.
  • Software based—MetaGrid can be deployed on almost any common operating system you already support, enabling you to leverage your existing resources without special training.
  • Easy to maintain—Taking a node out of service for maintenance or repair won’t affect performance since the other nodes on the grid will pick up the slack. Put the node back online and it begins picking up work automatically.