Real Time Means Stream Time

While other systems on the market have used “real time” to describe their performance, they fail to deliver on that promise. Why? Because other systems must backhaul data to a centralized cluster before conducting analytics and other functions. Once data is centralized, it’s stale. In many cases the data is too large to be centralized at all.  Stale data is stale intelligence and today, that’s just not good enough.

Red Lambda’s Big Data Security & Analytics Solutions Suite is the only system that delivers true real-time security intelligence—a “what’s happening right now” environment. We accomplish this through our stream processing technology and real-time, incremental analytics. This empowers your organization to act on each new event and data point immediately—the moment the data hits the edge of the network. There is no more waiting for database batch inserts, periodic rollups and slow SQL queries. Our live dashboards are always up-to-the-second current.

More specifically, our patent-pending Neural Foam™ uses artificial intelligence (AI) to cluster massive amounts of data into its simplest, natural structure, without a single rule, signature or line of code.  By grouping similar data, we reduce trillions of events to just a few simple clusters for immediate visibility and exploration. Independent streams of events are automatically correlated, classified and analyzed for novelties.

The Foam’s ability to continuously learn and cluster anomalies from any form of data, over any timeframe, on an event-by-event basis revolutionizes your operations. In just one pass of the data, the system makes it possible to see every aspect of an organization’s infrastructure, from the most normal activity, to threats, to things that happen only once or differ by just one single unusual bit of information.