We Make Sense of the Data

In order for your data to become valuable to your organization, you have to be able to sift through petabytes of data to get to the anomalous nuggets that will enable your organization to take a preemptive stance and find the “unknown unknowns,” visualize relationships and correlations, create and automate a new operational policy across your entire global network. Through the fundamental breakthrough of our artificial intelligence (AI) engine, Red Lambda enables your organization to turn your data into “smart data.”  By eliminating the need for signatures and rules, combined with our autonomics capabilities, we eliminate tedious manual processes, freeing up resources and empowering domain experts to focus their expertise on strategic tasks. Our self-managing, self-optimizing, self-provisioning technologies are unrivaled in the industry, delivering “smart data” capabilities to the marketplace that no other company has brought together in one powerful solution. Red Lambda’s Smart Data Features:

  • Stream time—By leveraging MetaGrid™, our massively scalable, distributed grid computing platform, we bring the computation to your data in stream time, the only way to achieve real-time intelligence. This eliminates the need for data to come to rest and become stale.
  • Universal—Smart data must include all data types. Red Lambda can process structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. If it’s in binary, you can analyze it.
  • Unified—We deliver one seamlessly integrated, software-based platform that works in sync with our software-based applications to unify your disparate data, correlating it for greater insight and situational awareness.
  • Scalable—To handle the variety, velocity and volume of today’s largest organizations, smart data needs the ability to scale. Red Lambda’s grid platform provides the means to handle massive amounts of data.
  • Searchable—Red Lambda indexes all your data for easy searches and queries