we see risk first

Risk Is Hidden. MetaGrid Sees It.

Cyber security is clearly one of the single biggest challenges facing today’s global organizations. With the acceleration, use and proliferation of data, nearly every enterprise has become a digital business, exponentially magnifying the chance your company may be severely impacted by a breach. To survive in the digital economy, you need advanced technology with split-second visibility to "see" cyber risk as it is happening so it can be mitigated immediately. That is exactly why Red Lambda created MetaGrid™.


Cutting through the noise of thousands of false positives that plague many current systems, MetaGrid acts in stream time on the endpoint, automatically surfacing high-risk incidents, prioritizing them, and identifying the root cause in seconds—not days, weeks or months so you can protect your business from threats faster and more easily than ever before.

MetaGrid Overview
Enhances Current Systems    

We See Risk, Not Just Anomalies

Anomaly detection alone is not enough.  Many systems  can detect anomalies. But the problem is these systems identify every anomaly, without understanding the context that generated it.  This creates hundreds, even thousands of alerts to investigate.  Security teams are overwhelmed.  Unfortunately, current tools can’t sift through, elevate, and rank in real time which incidents are the riskiest—the ones that need immediate attention because of the impact they could have on the business if not stopped.  


MetaGrid is different. MetaGrid doesn't create an alert based on anomalies alone.  Its patented technology combines machine-learning-fueled anomaly detection, with user and entity behavior analytics to understand which anomalies could result in a real threat.  MetaGrid delivers a risk score in real time that visually shows the degree of severity of the risk, as well as exactly where your security team needs to look in order to mitigate it.  Without dependence on signatures and performed in stream time as it is occurring, MetaGrid elevates threats, presents them in priority order based on which ones pose the most risk to your organization, and shows you where and how to surgically neutralize them. 

Immediate Detection, Immediate Response

According to the Ponemon Institute’s 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study, the mean time to detect a threat is 197 days, and the mean time to contain a breach is 69 days. This is despite millions spent on cyber security technologies. Current solutions have not been successful in narrowing the gap between detection and containment. Until MetaGrid.


MetaGrid dramatically reduces to just seconds the time between detection and the ability to respond by: 

  • Rapidly surfacing risk vs. noise
  • Immediately prioritizing and scoring high-impact activity so you know exactly what to look at
  • Exposing the root cause so you know how and where to stop it


With 11 patents, MetaGrid's next-generation technology offers private and public sector organizations a powerful solution to guard against digital threats long before they impact operations.


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